A couple of years ago, when I was 22 (I think), I began buying albums, starting with Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf. Ever since then, I've built up quite a collection. Every now and then, I rate the songs I listen to in Windows Media Player in order to see what average rating the album ends up getting. It's quite fun!

Anyway, I figure just for the hell of it, I'll make a tier list for my Progressive Rock albums. Why only Progressive Rock? Cause that's mostly what I listen to, and there's only a few non-prog albums in my collection that I listen to consistently AND whose songs I have rated.

God's Gift To The World Tier (5 Stars):
Godbluff (Van Der Graaf Generator)
Close To The Edge (Yes)

Awwww Yeah! Tier (4.5 Stars):
Pawn Hearts (Van Der Graaf Generator)
Foxtrot (Genesis)
Selling England by the Pound (Genesis)
Relayer (Yes)
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)
Thick as a Brick (Jethro Tull)
In A Glass House (Gentle Giant)
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (Genesis)

Pretty Great Tier (4.25 Stars):
A Trick of the Tail (Genesis)
Still Life (Van Der Graaf Generator)

Eh! They're Good Tier (4 Stars):
Fragile (Yes)
Subterranea (IQ)
Tales From Topographic Oceans (Yes)
We're Only In It For The Money (Frank Zappa)
Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)
Hemispheres (Rush)

Okay I Guess Tier (3.75 Stars):
Nursery Cryme (Genesis)
Animals (Pink Floyd)
The Yes Album (Yes)
Abbey Road (The Beatles)
H To He Who Am The Only One (Van Der Graaf Generator)
Aqualung (Jethro Tull)

Meh... Tier (3.5 Stars):
Joe's Garage (Frank Zappa)
Trespass (Genesis)

Whatever man! Tier (3.25 Stars):
The Wall (Pink Floyd)

Not Yet Rated:
Script for a Jester's Tier by Marillion - Ehh! Prolly not gonna make it that high
Misplaced Childhood by Marillion - This is actually a very good album in my opinion. I really should rate this some time...
Fugazi (Marillion) - Ugh... I don't like this album.
Uncle Meat (Frank Zappa) - This one's pretty good, but it's soooo huge, and there's lots of random tracks on it too, so it's... complicated to rate.
Duke (Genesis) - Never impressed me, and the fact that they split the main suite into separate tracks scattered across the album doesn't help.
Stardust We Are (The Flower Kings) - These guys are way too sporadic in quality honestly. Some songs are great, but damn. When they suck, they suck hard.
Moving Pictures (Rush) - Too mainstream and heavy rock-ish for my tastes.
2112 (Rush) - I've only listened to the first track, honestly. The twenty-minute one. I've heard better.


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