Jul. 1st, 2014

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It's very difficult to get me to talk unless as a reply to something, but I have a lot of opinions, and I want to share them. That is why I made this blog.

Most of this blog will be to talk about my opinions on Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem hacks (particularly their level design), Progressive Rock, possibly Touhou, and whatever else comes to my mind that doesn't involve information about my family that will make them angry with me.

This will also be where I shall put my old "blog" posts that I would normally put on my forums.

I'd also like to mention that reading Mark Asphodel's blog was partially what inspired me to do this. Go check her blog out. It's got a lot of insights about Fire Emblem's writing.
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A couple of years ago, when I was 22 (I think), I began buying albums, starting with Bat out of Hell by Meat Loaf. Ever since then, I've built up quite a collection. Every now and then, I rate the songs I listen to in Windows Media Player in order to see what average rating the album ends up getting. It's quite fun!

Anyway, I figure just for the hell of it, I'll make a tier list for my Progressive Rock albums. Why only Progressive Rock? Cause that's mostly what I listen to, and there's only a few non-prog albums in my collection that I listen to consistently AND whose songs I have rated.

MarkyJoe's Prog Tier List )
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Years and years of talking about Fire Emblem design, and I have yet to make an actual document on it. The closest I've ever gotten was a thread on Serenes Forest, but it's not organized enough for my tastes.

So what do I look for in FE hack level design? I think the most important thing is pacing.

Timing, predicting, and arranging the experience )


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