It seems feeling stressed and overworked was in fact the reason why I was so unproductive and depressed.

Last week, we were told that the payroll would be really tight, so our hours would be cut. This week, I only have two days of work, and they have already passed. The moment they were done and over with, I become insanely productive.

I stayed up yesterday night because I was roleplaying with a friend and I drank too much green tea (green tea has caffeine). Despite being sleep deprived, I greeted my father (He gets up way earlier than I normally do), drove him to work, got myself some breakfast (a rare occurrence), went food shopping to get back on my diet that I have shirked for weeks (When I'm off it, I get depressed and unproductive way more often). When I got home, I got to work cleaning my room, brought my little brother's bed frame back into his room (We needed it in my room because relatives stayed over some weeks ago and we hadn't bothered to put things back until now), got to doing my laundry. I finally hit the sack after the caffeine wore off. And now? I'm about to finish work on Chapter 5 of Midnight Sun.

I really needed this.


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