I'm not a popular Youtuber. However, four-thousand subs is still a fairly big fan base. What's nice about it is that sometimes you meet interesting fans that treat you with respect and sincerity. When I come across these fans, I often become fast friends with them. Perhaps because most of them are adults (according to my Youtube analytics), most of my fans seem pretty well put together.

Something that has fueled my dislike of teenagers however - besides a very troublesome childhood, and a teenager's terrible taste and tendency to conform rather than deviate - is that most of the annoying, entitled, disingenuous fans that randomly add me on Skype are around 13 - 15 years old. These whiny little brats are the worst.

Despite my anxieties and dislike of people, I have a lot of patience. To give an example, sometimes a fan will ask for help with Fire Emblem hacking, I will personally add them on Skype and teach them through screen sharing and mic chat.

However, I've met enough fans that I can figure out when they are the type to put me on a pedestal rather than treat me like an actual human being. The friendship they allegedly try to form between us always progresses in the same way. The conversations are one-sided, and any comments they make are praise and worship. After the first talk, they rarely speak to me again. Sometimes, they will only start conversations just so I can help them learn Fire Emblem hacking, even when I have created numerous tutorials and integrated a brand new section to my website dedicated to learning and obtaining the tools for Fire Emblem hacking. And you know what? I get sick of it. Eventually I lose my patience and size them up for the brown nosing phony they are and this always happens: "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel so angry with me! I know you don't like it when people praise you, but you are like a god to me! Please forgive me!"

From there, I have pretty much confirmed that we will never see each other as equals, and give up.

Be carefull.....

Date: 2014-07-28 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] riev
Be carefull man, I have insame madness power in my mind, I've don't work as a devlopper, I'm too bad at this thing, but I make some level deseign for somes amators zelda parodies, I'm able to produce some torturing bad joke wich will make you laugh at the first time, but I will quicly turn in envolving torture wich you could never immagine before !!!!!!!!!

I will contact your friend, You will suffer at the next ragefest !!!

The I wanna be the guy hack come soon ! You will die or laugh or nervous crisis whil playing to it. You wile be death before finish the game in anyway !!! This game will be diseign for super sayens m├ęgagod +++++++ race.
I have so saddic original Idea !


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