I recorded Chapter 5 of Midnight Sun nearly a week ago, and yet it took today for me to finally start editing it. It's not like I've been doing much else with my week besides working, so why did it take so long?

I spoke with my friend Alfred Kamon - creator of Midnight Sun - and he says that perhaps the reason why I haven't been productive is because I'm always stressed out. Sounds about right.

Work itself has been very unpleasant lately. Coincidentally, I encountered a particularly awful customer on the same day I wrote my "Tales of Misanthropy" post. In fact, let's talk about that first since I'll at least have it out of my system.

This lady was at my register and she wanted me to tell her the price of some sunglasses. I told her that I need to get the price scanner, but she pressured me to scan it on the computer. I told her "Okay, but I can only scan and void one item on this or else I get into trouble, so..."

Either I said "Don't make a habit of it", or she just assumed I was going to say that - not sure which, but I'm pretty sure I stopped myself - but regardless she raised her voice, said "Good bye! I'm never shopping here again!", and caused a big scene. The manager got involved and... This women must have been having a power trip or something. Despite the numerous times we BOTH apologized, she kept with the verbal assault until she finally decided to leave. I was terrified that this would get me fired, but the manager assured me that the management doesn't listen to crazy people.

I really need to get out of this place...

The day after was very stressful, but not because of bad customers. The line was just relentlessly long no matter how fast I went, the store was uncomfortably hot, and only two managers and myself were actually there...

Then there was that bill I got in the mail...$470, from getting a check up and some tests done on me at the clinic. My insurance is supposed to cover most of this, but because my insurance got canceled by one of my father's former workers, who was deliberately trying to sabotage us, it's not getting covered. When I showed the bill to my mom though, she noted that we still had insurance when I got the check up, and said she's going to get something done about it.

Really, I think my main problem is that I'm constantly worried about work. I wish the hours were more consistent, and I'm not a fan of this "on call" system that basically amounts to "If we call you at ANY time, you HAVE to come in". I could be doing anything, working on a video, composing music, etc., but if they call? Welp! Gotta drop everything and head to work. Apparently I'm allowed to refuse, but it leaves a bad impression if I do. Not gonna risk that.

Maybe I'm just weak-willed. It's only a part-time job, and there are certainly people with much harder lives than I, but... even knowing that, I find it difficult to stay happy.

Hopefully this will all change soon. I recently applied to Costco. I have over a year's worth of experience at this discount store, with managers that are supportive and like me, so I believe my chances at getting this job are pretty high. Not gonna hold my breath though.

Additionally, I plan to get out of my current Youtube Partnership in favor of one that appears to be a lot better, but I have to wait for my current contract to end. That happens in about one more year. When that happens, I'll at least be making more money on my channel. Nothing to live off of, but anything helps.

Mm... I'm sure this will all pass at some point. Maybe next week will be better.


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