Working at a discount store isn't too bad. The pay is garbage, but the demands placed on you are simple. Bring customer-misplaced items to their appropriate area in the store, bring the boxes left by the big truck to the correct area in the stock room, restock items in the front, keep the store clean and tidy, help customers find things, ring up customers at the register. Easy peasy, right?

One problem. The job will make you hate humanity.

In this store, I have met some of the most arrogant, selfish, insecure, impatient, cheap, and oblivious people I have ever seen. My childhood and teenage years had quite a bit of trauma that resulted in my misanthropy, but as those fires started to dim with age, this place came in with some new logs.

Bad Customer #1 - Oblivious Sass-Machine
I recall working at the register, when a customer came up to me asking for a refund on an item she purchased. With refunds, I need to call up the manager since he's the only one that can approve them. When he arrived... my god.

The sassy slang, the loud obnoxiousness, the "I ain't takin' no garbage" attitude, all pumped up to cartoonish levels! Combining these with hearing her say "I'm not gonna make a big deal outta this" after forcing me to call the manager to refund a single one-dollar item... I could barely restrain myself from laughing!

Bad Customer #2 - Irrational & Impatient Guy
I was getting my register set up, when a customer came over for a purchase. I told him the line wasn't open yet, so he left and I thought that'd be the end of it. While I was confirming the amount of money in my register, an error occurred and I had to have the manager check it out.

Because that customer didn't want to wait on the other line consisting of only one customer ahead of him, he came back to my line, and then started complaining at me, because I wasn't giving him service fast enough. Maybe he assumed I was just slacking off because I was finishing the slice of pizza I bought from the restaurant next door, but even when I explained that it didn't matter because I have to get my register checked, he continued yelling at me.

I - being an anxious wreck of a person that I am - was too terrified to actually say anything back to the guy after that, so I just called over the manager and he stood up for me. For the rest of the day, I pretty much lacked the ability to talk.

Bad Customer #3 - The Candy Bar Cheapskate
There is a rule in this store. If the price labeled on an item is lower than the actual price, you need to give it to the customer at the marked price. To do this, you need to call the manager over to your register and have him/her do it. This holds up the line, and interrupts the manager from whatever they were doing.

One customer got a $0.79 piece of candy... marked $0.50. You see where this is going, right?

Bad Customer #4 - "You Just Don't Know What You're Doing"
I had just finished scanning the customer's items, and asked her to swipe her card. For some reason, it didn't go through, and the printer gave me an error saying "Purchase Exceeds Account Balance of -$1.00." At first, I thought she didn't have any money in her balance, but she insisted she did, and accused me of taking the money off her account. Y'know, because I totally have a motivation for that!

Anyway, as this purchase went on, I suddenly flashbacked to my manager telling me that when someone's purchase "exceeds account balance of -$1.00", it actually means they didn't put their PIN number in correctly. I told the customer that I think that was the issue, and instead of considering that maybe she actually made a mistake on her end, she simply said "No, you just don't know what you're doing".

After that purchase, I asked my manager what the error message means. Incorrect PIN.
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